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TP-Link’s consumer networking business includes home networking devices, management applications, and network security. Network hardware covers gateways, routers, mesh network systems, repeaters, network cards, Mi-Fi, and more. TP-Link highly values network security and protects the networking of users’ families and connected devices through improved encryption algorithms, security policies, and security services.


    Network Devices




    Network Security

Omada is a professional brand centered on enterprise and SMB networking, integrating access points, switches, routers, controllers, and more to form a complete SDN solution to meet clients’ needs for efficient, secure, and reliable one-stop network operation and management. Omada has been listed in Gartner’s enterprise wired and wireless LAN infrastructure market research for many years and has partnered with an increasing number of business clients.

Enterprise Network

Aginet, a professional brand in the service provider market, is dedicated to providing ISP (internet service provider) customers with advanced, efficient, and agile network solutions, offering a wide range of carrier products for high-speed broadband connectivity and whole home Wi-Fi systems. TAUC (TP-Link Agile Unified Cloud) provides customers with unified cloud management solutions to simplify operation and management and reduce costs. We offer a TR-369 USP cloud server, TR-369 CPE, customized mobile app, and customized API services to our partners.

Service Provider

TP-Link’s consumer electronics business covers a wide range of smart devices and software services for home security, electrical, lighting, environmental monitoring, and cleaning, building a complete, flexible, and reliable smart home ecosystem. We are committed to enabling more people to enjoy a smart lifestyle. Kasa and Tapo have won the love of millions of users worldwide with their excellent quality and powerful features.

Consumer Electronics

Smart, Secure, Easy

Ever since 2020, VIGI is committed to providing clients with high-quality, advanced surveillance equipment, as well as security and network integration solutions. VIGI product categories include surveillance cameras, NVR, NVD, solar-powered systems, software management platforms, and cloud services. VIGI is favored by more and more clients worldwide for its reliable quality, flexible deployment, and strong compatibility.